Get to Know Us

Plan to attend Squadron meetings and get to know our organization. Guests are welcome to attend Squadron meetings. Information regarding Squadron activities is available via a monthly Newsletter which can be accessed on this web site.

Ready to become a Member?

When you are ready to become a member, you can send us an email (see our Contact Us page) or speak with one of our officers at a meeting.

Membership Requirements

Pilot Member

Pilot members must be current FAA licensed, with a minimum of 250 logged flying hours, own or participate in aircraft ownership and be recommended to join by the Membership Committee.

Not a Pilot? No problem. You can still be a member of the Air Squadron as a Community Airman. See requirements below.

Community Airman

Community Airman serve as volunteers and come to the Squadron with an interest in law enforcement and/or aviation. Students, maintenance personnel, ROTC members, avionics staff and other interested people are involved in Squadron activities. Men and women are welcome to join aged sixteen and above.