About Us

Sheriff’s Air Squadrons surfaced in Northern California in the late 1930’s, just prior to WW II. Our Sacramento County Sheriff’s Air Squadron was chartered in 1941, however due to the War, private flying was prohibited on the West Coast and many Squadron members became pilots in the Army Air Corp flying missions in Europe and the Pacific. After the War our Squadron was reformed in 1946.

During the late forties and the fifties Squadron members and guests enjoyed social activities as well as flying competitions. Most flying took place at the old Phoenix Field in Fair Oaks. As arms of the Sheriff’s Department, Squadron members performed many enforcement activities ranging from prisoner transfers to search and rescue missions. Squadron missions included goodwill trips to Mexico.

In more recent years, the Squadron has been asked to assist the Sheriff in air patrols, VIP transport and community relations. The Air Squadron supplements Department aviation assets including fixed and rotary wing aircraft.

The Squadron has enjoyed a fine relationship with the Sacramento Sheriff’s Department. Many Squadron members have completed training under the PC 832 program and are entitled to carry the Squadron “Wings” badge. Squadron members maintain firearms proficiency through training conducted at private ranges.

Monthly meetings are held at the Squadron headquarters located at the Sacramento Executive Airport. Today’s members are pilots and aviation/law enforcement enthusiasts who wish to be active in our local communities. Members wear Squadron logo clothing and are issued Sheriff’s Department ID cards. Each year the Sheriff conducts a flightline review of member aircraft.